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Our People, Our Brand

We know exactly what creates the successful Vision Express brand – and that’s the people who work here.  Their commitment and professionalism help us deliver a consistent, high quality experience that creates real customer satisfaction.  It’s also helped us become one of the most successful brands in optical retail.

We want customers to feel that we’re their personal optician.  We treat customers as individuals. Quite simply, we’re committed to ensuring every customer has a great individual experience, delivered with warmth and sincerity, and that we find the best vision solution for them.  We want them to leave looking and feeling great!

We’re all committed to this and have 3 key behaviours that our people consistently work towards. These behaviours are what we expect as a minimum standard from everyone regardless of their role.

Passion – We’re passionate about service, our products and our place of work.  We’re positive, enthusiastic and engaging.  We always put our customers first and put 100% into making sure they look and feel great.  At Vision Express our glass is always half full and we never give up.

Welcoming – We provide a genuine, caring service.  We make everyone feel welcome.  For some people, visiting an optician can be a daunting experience.  We engage customers with warmth, sincerity and expertise.  We take a real interest in their individual needs and take time to explain our service and products.  At Vision Express we do the small things which make a big difference.

Seamless Teamwork – We deliver unrivalled customer service through seamless teamwork.  We respect professional standards and each other.  We’re honest, always do what we say we’ll do and help out wherever we can.  At Vision Express we win as a team.

These behaviours are at the heart of everything we do. They are shared by all our employees to create a unique and enjoyable customer experience, and they make us what we are.

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