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Top Tips

When you apply to join us we want to see the real you.

So here’s a handy list of top tips to help you make the perfect impression.

  • Make sure you take some time to do your homework…..find out as much as you can about our company and the role you’re interested in.  Our careers website is bursting with information along with our corporate website
  • Take time with your CV – pay close attention to detail with your spelling and grammar.  Make sure it is concise and to the point.  You want to capture the Recruiting Managers attention
  • Be yourself.  At Vision Express we are big on personality.   It’s important that we see the real you!  During your interview take time to think about your answers and structure your response, what did you do, how did you do it and what was the outcome
  • Make sure you look presentable.  You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression
  • Be honest and be yourself.

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