Caretakers of the Vision Express brand, the Marketing team create and communicate our offer and values in a clear and compelling way. Based on marketplace insight, they do this via a number of different digital and traditional communications channels – from press and TV advertising to PR, direct email campaigns and social media.

Marketing opportunities at Vision Express

The Marketing team are constantly learning about and measuring consumer habits and perceptions, and are fully immersed in the customer journey. The research they undertake is fundamental to understanding the way the customer thinks and ensuring they have a positive in-store experience. It is used to form key insights for marketing initiatives and customer communications, with concepts and ideas developed both in-house and with trusted agencies.

In an innovative environment that’s ever evolving, The Marketing team integrate with other key departments at Vision Express. In doing so, they have become expert relationship-builders – working in synergy with colleagues to deploy innovative strategy which drives growth and continually develops our offering.

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