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Top Tips

We know applying for jobs can feel quite scary, especially when it may be the first time you’ve had to apply for a job.

Below we’ve listed some useful tips to help give your application the best chance of succeeding.

  1. Take your time and double check your application for spelling mistakes and punctuation – these kind of errors don’t make a good first impression
  2. Make sure your CV includes any voluntary work and hobbies for example babysitting, playing sports
  3. Ensure you put your correct contact details, misspelling your email address may lead to you missing out.
  4. Presentation is key.  When writing your CV keep it simple.  Make sure the detail is short and to the point but without missing out any important information.  Ideally your CV should be no more than 2 pages long

Do your research. Before applying make sure you know about the company you’re applying to.  As we said earlier, first impressions count.

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