Our Joint Venture Partnerships mean real scope to put your passion into practice. And the opportunity to be fully rewarded for the difference you know you can make. All with the backing of an established, trusted brand and a company more than happy to share in its remarkable success.

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It’s this prospect that has seen more than 120 optical and retail experts join Vision Express as Joint Venture (JV) partners. All investing in their future with a profitable, ambitious business taking vision seriously.

Many of our JV partners were already working for us before they decided to become a shareholder in our business. And it’s not only our optical professionals who choose to become partners. Retail managers too have the opportunity to progress in to a position where they are then able to take up a joint venture role.

Joint Venture Partnerships
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With you all the way

It’s all very well having the autonomy, but what about the essentials? The things which may be outside of your particular area of expertise, and which will help ensure the ongoing success of your store.

As one of our JV partners, you’ll have access to our in-house specialists and exactly the same outstanding level of support as our operated stores. Just a phone call away will be advice and assistance from key support centre departments.

As well as your own bright and attractive store, containing the very latest optical technology, you’ll have access to the widest choice of eyewear from leading designer brands, plus a range of stylish and affordable frames exclusive to Vision Express.

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