How our optoms support our customer experience

Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Posting date: 14/12/2021

The first Vision Express store opened in Gatehead’s Metro Centre three decades ago. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly and there are now almost 600 Vision Express stores across the UK and Ireland. We spoke with one of our Optometry Store Business Operations Managers, Peena Govind – who works with the Professional Services team – to share her insights into our stores.

“As part of the Professional Services team, I look after a number of different functions. I look after the Optom Store Manager (OSM) programme, which is one of the career development pathways that we’ve got at Vision Express, for registrants that want to do something a little different. I also support our NHS contract work and any clinical and professional queries that are escalated through us.”

We have many different career pathways and we support all our colleagues in their ongoing success. As an experienced Optometrist, Peena has a good knowledge of our stores and how we strive for excellent customer service.

The customer experience

Our customer experience is a top priority. We want to ensure that every customer has a unique experience when they visit one of our stores. Having great customer care is something we truly value at Vision Express and we’ve always delivered a truly individual service, in a welcoming environment.

“We try to personalize our customer journey as much as possible and ensure that every customer’s needs are identified through asking the right questions. Our Optometrists are key in building that rapport and relationship with them, and then during the examination, we can really help to resolve any of their concerns and answer their questions and queries.”

“We tend to get a lot of positive feedback about our customer experience. Where possible, we try and make sure they see the same person all the way through their journey, right from the time they enter [the store], through to the eye health screening – and if there is anything that’s recommended, i.e. glasses or contact lenses, they can then go back and see the same person again.”

Our Optometrists and Retail team create a memorable experience throughout the entire customer journey. This includes helping our customers learn more about the latest eye care products, as well as offering thorough examinations that build lasting connections. 

Moving forward with the best equipment

Peena also has knowledge of our in-store equipment and she gave us some insights into some of the new equipment that Vision Express is rolling out in stores.

“We’re currently undertaking a rollout of some new OCT equipment and some new eye deck equipment. As we roll them out, we’re holding a host of training sessions as well, so events that Optometrists can attend face-to-face to really understand how to use the equipment for the benefits, and what they offer our customers.”

‘Being part of something that’s a little bit bigger’

When asked about what makes Vision Express stand out, Peena said that it’s the stores’ supportive and helpful environment, as well as the management team. “Whether you’re in a store or you’re testing on your own, or you’re a team of Optometrists, there’s always help on hand, should you need it. There’s a big team at Store Support Centre as well, that are able to support our Optometrists with any professional and clinical queries that they might have.”

“We’re always looking to move forward and evolve. I know we’re keen to be at the forefront of any new technologies and equipment that’s coming out and we’re always reviewing and having a look at what’s available, and what could work within our store environment.”

At Vision Express, we’re always thinking ahead and about how we can deliver the best experience for our customers. That’s why we supply our stores with only the top products. At Vision Express, we care about both our colleagues and customers – and our stores reflect our values and ambition.

Are you looking for a new role in-store?

We create opportunities for anyone with ambition. Our comprehensive training ensures our colleagues are well-equipped with the right skills to be successful in their roles over the long term. We look for candidates who have a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. If you’re looking for your next role with Vision Express, browse our in-store jobs today and contact us to find out more.