How to effectively manage a team in a Vision Express store

Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Posting date: 26/08/2022

Why are great managers so important? There are many reasons, but here are two of the big ones:

  • The drive success for the company by making sure that everyone knows what their jobs are and how to do them

  • They make people feel valued and show them that they play a part in the success of the company

At Vision Express, we believe in providing brilliant customer service, through expert and trusted eyecare experience. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of and you're exploring management jobs, here's some advice on how to effectively manage a team in a Vision Express store:

1. Make them feel welcome from day one

Make sure that every person has a great experience from the get-go. Our “NO LIMITS” onboarding journey will help them find their feet during those first few weeks, but as a manager, it’s down to you to strike the balance between supporting them and challenging them to step outside their comfort zone.

2. Communicate the common goal

Our goal at Vision Express is no secret. We want to create joy in vision, and we need every person to be behind this mission. It’s important to communicate this early on so your team can see how they will contribute as an individual. You want to leave them feeling inspired at the thought of being part of something bigger.

3. Remind them that together, we’re better

To reach our goal, we don’t just need everyone to support our mission, but we need them to support each other. Emphasize that they should rely on each other and help each other to grow and develop. After all, the most successful optometrists at Vision Express are team-oriented.

4. Be human

This one is simple but powerful. Build relationships with your team. Listen to your team. Show that everyone’s opinions are valued equally.

5. Help them find the meaning in their role

Expose how they can have an impact on the future of the company. If they want to go that step further, why not encourage them to get involved with our CSR activities or become a part of our visionaries team?

6. Help them see their potential

Effectively managing doesn’t mean progressing people to the role you believe is right for them, it means helping people explore their options. Notice when they need to be stretched and encourage them to grow by gaining qualifications and attending learning events. And remember, learning and development don’t just make your team more competent at their role, it gives them confidence, something to aim towards and lets them feel proud of their achievements.

7. Celebrate their successes

Recognise your team’s achievements and progress. Sing their praises loud and proud. Great managers look out for the small contributions that might usually be missed, like members who go out of their way to welcome new colleagues. Our internal recognition platform called ‘RecognEYES’ is a great place to send praise to your team. We also have Yapster, which is a messaging service where anyone can shout about their colleagues that are doing a great job.

8. Incorporate qualities of past managers into your leadership style

Be a leader like no other. Think about your favourite quality of every manager you’ve had and how you can incorporate that into your leadership style. Maybe you had a leader who took the time to listen to your ideas. You can adopt this by starting active listening sessions.

9. Look after your people

Consider your team’s wellbeing and remember that they have commitments outside of work.

10. Recognise the future leaders

The future leaders at Vision Express will no doubt stand out to you. Make sure to show them they can have an impact on the future of the company.

Lead the way at Vision Express

Now that you know how to effectively manage a team at a Vision Express store, why not browse our available Optometrist Store Manager jobs?  We also have store management roles that don’t require any previous optical experience, so there’s something for everyone.

Join us on our journey and help us create an eyecare experience like no other.