What is the role of a Dispensing Optician?

Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Posting date: 26/01/2022

Dispensing Opticians play an important role in eye care practices. These professionals are highly specialised and responsible for dispensing low vision aids to patients who are sight impaired, as well as providing aftercare for contact lenses. 

Our Dispensing Opticians work closely with Store Managers to deliver the best dispensing solutions to customers and ensure excellent service. Dispensing Opticians are expert advisors, helping customers to improve their vision with the right lenses that are appropriate for them. Below, we discuss the role of a Dispensing Optician in more detail.

What does a Dispensing Optician do?

The role of a Dispensing Optician offers a lot of variety. Much like traditional Optometrists, it involves supplying the appropriate eye care to customers after taking into account a person’s lifestyle, current eye health and vocational needs. In a Dispensing Optician role, professionals interpret optical information, advise patients about any spectacle adjustments or repairs, and select and manage different optical products. 

You’ll be spending most of your day communicating with customers and working alongside Optometrists who conduct the eye tests. Dispensing Opticians are often multi-disciplined individuals who are creative and knowledgeable about all the technical aspects of the eyecare industry. Dispensing Opticians serve as the first point of contact when a customer is experiencing difficulties with their vision or spectacles.

Becoming a Dispensing Optician

So, how do you become a Dispensing Optician? If you see this role as the next step in your career vision you’ll need to complete a degree or diploma course in Ophthalmic Dispensing to become a fully qualified Optician. 

There’s also the option to take on more practice-based learning where you’ll be able to learn under a supervisor and immerse yourself in the world of optometry. The education required to become a Dispensing Optician is different in each course or programme. You’ll need to be registered with the General Optical Council and there are several professional and industry bodies you can join for more training opportunities.

 Above all, having the right knowledge is crucial. As a Dispensing Optician, you’ll be taking frame and facial measurements to ensure the correct lens positioning, as well as liaising with other sales representatives. The road to becoming a Dispensing Optician isn’t easy, but with the right attitude and commitment, it can be a highly rewarding career path.

Career advancement

There are plenty of career advancement opportunities as a Dispensing Optician. For example, once you’ve fully developed your skills and have a track record of success, you could decide to take on a supervisory role within the practice, which would involve coaching and supervising Dispensing Opticians. 

Alternatively, you could choose to become an Optometrist if you want to be at the frontline of eyecare and carry out detailed examinations. There’s also the opportunity to work as a consultant or sales representative, and with enough experience, you could even move into university teaching. For professional development, you must undertake continuous CET training to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Let Vision Express move your career forward

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