Starting in Optometry? What to include in your CV

Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Posting date: 22/03/2023

Optometrists are professionals with a lot of knowledge and as an optometrist, your CV needs to reflect that. Your CV is how you get your foot in the door and is your first impression on your potential employer. Hiring managers are eager to get the best talent through the door and keep the hiring process slick. So make sure your CV blows them out of the water. Here is how you can nail your CV and stand out from the crowd: 


Name and contact details 

At the top of your CV, your name should be clearly visible, perhaps in bold. Underneath that write your email address, phone number, and include a link to your reflective learning portfolio if this applies to you. 

Profile summary

The trick to crafting a great profile summary is to keep it short and sweet and to think of it like an elevator pitch. This is the first thing the hiring manager or recruiter will see so you want to highlight your years of experience, key skills and achievements. 

Remember to always tailor your profile summary and parts of your CV to what the company has mentioned in the job description. 

For example, at Vision Express we are looking for people who will provide a unique and personalised customer experience. In this case, you’ll want to highlight your customer service skills alongside your qualifications. 


Here’s how to format your education: 

Subject, Governing Body, Date, Overall Grade 

An accredited degree in optometry followed by completing a pre-registration programme is necessary to practice. So be sure to include details of the modules you studied, the grades you achieved, and any placement modules. 

We’re proud to offer a highly recommended pre-registration programme at Vision Express so you can cross the finish line to become a fully qualified optometrist. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way and this level of support won’t stop when you qualify. 

If you are fully qualified, you’ll need to provide the dates you received your license from the GOC to practice as an optometrist as well. 


Here’s how to format your experience: 

Role, company, dates

Start with your most recent experience and work backwards. With your most recent experience, speak in the present tense and stick to five bullet points. These make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to scan your CV and spot if you are a good candidate for the role. 

With previous experience, stick to three bullet points. Not all of your experience may be relevant to the optometry role you are applying for but it is important to make those connections. Think about any transferable skills that you can bring to the current role. 

For example, if you worked in retail, you’ll have interacted with a lot of people and built interpersonal skills and developed your customer service skills. Highlight this in your responsibilities bullet points. 

Always update your experience based on what the company is looking for. Taking the time to read the job description and requirements and baking them into your CV will set you apart. It shows your interest and commitment to the company. 

Core skills 

Choose skills that are relevant to the job. Look at the job description and see if any core skills are mentioned. You need to include these. Here are some examples of optometry skills

  • Customer service 
  • Communication skills 
  • Experience with fitting and measuring lenses 
  • Active listening skills 

Optometry CV - Do’s 

  • Ideally one page 
  • Should be easily scannable
  • Use strong headers and bullet points 
  • Consistent formatting 
  • Tailor your CV to the job description
  • Check your spelling and grammar 
  • Action verbs - these are words that show what you have accomplished rather than what you were responsible for. So instead of communicated say advocated. Instead of worked with say collaborated. Instead of introduced say implemented. 

Optometry CV - Don’ts 

  • Use images 
  • Use unprofessional language
  • Have a CV longer than two pages
  • Write your experience in chronological order
  • Write in paragraphs

CV ready? Start your career at Vision Express 

Happy CV writing and good luck with your job search. If you are looking for a place where you’ll have unrivalled support, opportunities to progress, and an ambitious team, take a look at Vision Express careers today. With our optometry quick apply, you only need your CV and two minutes of time. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today