Why choose a career in Optometry?

Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Author: Staci Hearnshaw
Posting date: 04/04/2022

A career in optometry can be brilliant if you're an ambitious individual who loves to help others whilst developing yourself and honing your skills. Optometrist careers can be highly challenging yet very rewarding. Every day, you’ll have the chance to make a difference in people’s lives by improving vision, managing eye conditions and diagnosing and treating serious illnesses. Professionals are trained to recognise symptoms and prescribe the right treatments, and they work with a range of specialist equipment. Working in optometry offers lots of opportunities for career advancement and moving into new roles – such as Dispensing Optician or Optometrist Store Manager, all of which require different skills. Below, we discuss the benefits of working in optometry.


One of the key reasons why choosing a career in optometry is worthwhile is because you’ll have the chance to select a specialisation and an area of focus. This will allow you to learn more about specialist treatments, diagnoses and cures for certain eye conditions, all of which can help grow your career. A career in optometry will also allow you to learn more about customer service and how to deliver a great experience. As you move through your career, you may want to focus on contact lenses, vision rehabilitation or store management. There are various options and career paths to take in optometry, which means you can continuously build new skills and gain additional knowledge.


A career in optometry offers professionals great flexibility over their schedules. Most professionals can choose to work on a flexible schedule based on their needs and preferences. There’s a whole range of benefits when it comes to flexible working, such as greater productivity, healthier work-life balance and better job satisfaction. The main benefit of working flexibly is you’ll have the chance to fit other commitments around your career, such as family and personal needs. Optometry also has a flexible career structure, which means it’s possible to combine roles and responsibilities, and move between sectors.

Make a positive impact

One of the greatest reasons for choosing an optometrist career is that it gives you the chance to make a real impact on the quality of people’s lives. As an Optometrist professional, you’ll be responsible for providing vital healthcare and you will be able to see the results and immediate satisfaction when a customer tries a new pair of glasses or contact lenses. Many factors affect eye health, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, and even poor contact lens hygiene. Working as an Optometrist means you’ll be able to alert patients about potentially life-threatening illnesses while using your knowledge to improve eye care health and vision.


Due to the public nature of optometry, you’ll be interacting with and advising an array of different people. Whether you work as an Optometrist, Optical Assistant or Store Manager, you’ll be building relationships regularly with customers of all ages, as well as helping deliver a great customer experience through communication. This means you’ll be developing your interpersonal skills, professional judgement and the ability to collaborate with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, as a result of having to deal with many customers, professionals will learn how to solve problems efficiently and diplomatically. Customer-facing career paths, like optometry, are always an excellent way to grow personally and you’ll have a large network of customers and colleagues.

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